Debra Meyer

Debra Meyer raises the bar in the Florida real estate market, along with the real estate landscapes of Texas and Wisconsin. She is licensed in multiple states since 2006 and much of her success is deeply rooted in her enduring relationships, resulting in multiple transactions with both buyers and sellers. Her journey and tenacious spirit, masterful negotiation skills and unwavering determination, all combine to create a genuine heartfelt approach to the world of real estate. Debra has been honored as a Top Agent, and the Top 20% of agents in central Texas prior to moving to Fort Lauderdale in 2021. Recognized for her expertise, she has been asked to speak at board conferences on real estate and home staging. Living the culture of gratitude, she is continuously giving back through mentoring younger agents, both one-on-one and through her classes she holds on everything real estate.Debra’s achievements and award-winning service distinguishes her as a leading REALTOR and a respected agent among her clients and peers. She is a trusted advocate of her clients and has represented clients in millions of dollars’ worth of real estate sales spanning from Celebrity Real Estate to guiding First Time Home Buyers. Debra’s mission statement is unwavering- every client, regardless of budget, receives signature personalized service, and every transaction is approached with the goal of achieving a win-win outcome for all parties involved.

Debra is characterized as an ardent businesswoman and philanthropist. She dedicates herself to leadership roles in three startups, driven by her desire to share her blessings with others. Furthermore, Debra is a fervent advocate for fundraising and humanitarian efforts in Third World countries focusing on alleviating hunger in Africa.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Debra cherishes 35-year-long marriage to her husband, her loving family, a deep appreciation for contemporary art, and traveling around the globe.