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Some potential homeowners are automatically turned off by houses that have pets. These homes are often stereotyped as being messy and smelly.

4.Eliminate The Evidence

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Put away any pet accessories and photos. Fix any damage that the pet has caused. This includes both on the inside and on the outside. Out-of-doors, make sure you patch up holes or any other landscape damage that your pet has caused.


3. Send Your Pet On A Vacation

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Truthfully, not everyone likes pets. Conversely, not all pets love all people. Do yourself a favor and either board the dog for the day or drop him off at a favorite friend’s house.

2.A Deep Cleaning Is Crucial

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Often pet smells go unnoticed by those who live in the home. But, they are the first thing noticed when someone else comes through the door. Odors evoke deep emotions and perceptions, both good and bad. Special attention should be brought to the following areas.

  • Carpets/Tile & Grout: The steam cleaning process should be used to deeply clean all carpets, tiles & grout
  • Floors: Replace any flooring that is stained or smells. Even though you do not think the area smells, it does. You’re just used to it.
  • Walls need to be washed down thoroughly.
  • Ceiling: The ceiling needs a good washing as well.
  • Bedding, upholstery, and drapery must be thoroughly laundered on a regular basis.

1.Keep Up The Cleaning


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Should you choose to keep your pet in the house during the selling process, you need to keep up with the cleaning process. The inside and the outside must look flawless. Have a friend or family come in to check odor control. Like it or not, potential home buyers scrutinize these homes with pets more than those who do not have them.

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