2023 Goal: Create a Team Business-Planning Event


“Are we all on the same page?” If you have to ask, start scheduling, at least once per year, a no-cellphone, must-attend event to catch up, make plans and build bonds.

NEW YORK – Team leaders and brokers should schedule a Team Business Planning event at least once per year to highlight team goals, says Sherri Johnson, CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting.

The event should be separated from day-to-day tasks and be held off-site. It should last at least four hours and no calls should be allowed or business conducted unless necessary.

During the event, leaders should provide last year’s numbers and individual statistics for each agent to identify where their business came from – the primary sources of lead generation, and the return on investment on their time and financial expenses.

The event can include sponsored lenders, title partners and insurance partners, and they can attend to provide education and presentations that help the team gain perspective on the current market and how to discuss it with clients. The goal is to maximize loan products and related services.

Next, leaders should help agents set goals for the coming year, using tools like a template business plan and goal setting documents. Team members should also learn about things like “activities that generate 10-fold results,” and get advice on their desired work/life balance.

It’s also a good time for agents to submit their business plans to leaders who can expect them to be accountable for reaching their goals. After the event, agents should also submit weekly reports on their actions.

It’s a good time for some one-on-one training, and leaders can set up meetings with team members and use their plans to guide them and keep them intensely focused.

Finally, after the event has ended, participants should be asked to email the entire group with a list of their top 10 event takeaways and the strategies they intend to put into practice.

Source: RISMedia (11/22/22) Johnson, Sherri

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