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We all like to make improvements to our home. However, there are some changes that you may want to rethink. Many homeowners like to renovate with the future in mind. That includes avoiding features that may repel potential buyers.

7. Textured Ceilings And Walls

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Trendy designs go in-and-out of fashion. Spending a lot of money on walls and ceilings could be a costly mistake.

6. Bright Walls

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Bright colors may be the perfect way to express your unique personality. However, your preferences may scare off potential buyers. A study done by Zillow found that homes with terra-cotta-colored living rooms sold for an average of $793 less than other homes.

5. Ornate Fixtures

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Over-the-top fixtures can be a real turn-off for some buyers. They can make it difficult to match a potential buyer’s own style.

4. Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

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Wall-to-wall carpeting is out. Hardwood floors and their derivatives, as well as tile, are favored for their design and ease of care.

3. Elaborate Wallpaper

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Ornamented wallpaper may require specific furniture color and design. A new homeowner may not relish the idea of having to buy new furniture. In fact, they may not even like the design.

2. Embellished Tiling

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Multi-faceted tile designs really reflect the likes of the owner. Potential buyers may not be able to envision themselves in these homes.

1.HIgh End Gadgets And Electronics

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Frankly, high-end gadgets can scare off some potential buyers. Also, many see over-the-top appliances as money-wasting.

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