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After a hurricane, tornado, or any strong storm, prompt action is necessary.

5. Take An Inventory

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Hopefully, you conducted an inventory of all your belongings prior to the hurricane. (Videos work well in these cases.) Regardless, take a video of your property, inside and out-of-doors. Also include photos, detailed descriptions and gather receipts.


4. File A Claim

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The sooner you get in your claim, the faster you’ll recover. Insurance companies often work on a first come-first serve basis. Inform your provider that you have documented the extent of the damages and already conducted an inventory. Expect an insurance adjuster to come out and perform an assessment.

3. Emergency Repairs

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Perform only what repairs are necessary to ensure your safety and prevent further damage. For all other repairs, wait until an adjuster comes out.

2.Find A Safe Place To Live

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If your home is not safe to live in, you’ll need to secure safe lodgings. Often, there is a “loss of use” coverage in a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. FEMA can also help out in this area.

1.Don’t Let The Sun Fool You

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Just because the sun may be shining brightly after a hurricane does not mean it is safe to venture out.

  • Beware of downed power lines
  • Storm drains may be covered. The pull of the water can be quite strong and can drown an individual
  • Broken glass and other sharp pieces of broken products can pierce the skin
  • Homes and objects that have been waterlogged can lose their stability

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